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Presented by Bill Griffith

since 1988


New Work

Barn homestead.jpg
Barn hometead.jpg
Barrel Barn Hometead

Detail of window with many fused glass components, fabricated with lead came.

Finished window in bright sunlight.

barn hometead installed.jpg
Barn homestead finished in garage light.jpg

Leaded/Fused glass window 53 x 40" installed in client's home.

Details of fused glass components incorporated into the lead came.

Photo of client's home in New Berlin, WI.

Dining Room Bay Window designed and fabricated By Shagbark Art Glass for a home in Wilmette, IL

Karl & Dottie Korff---pencil drawing by Bill Griffith


Shagbark Art Glass was formed in Cedar Rapids, IA in 1988, by Bill Griffith and his parents, Dottie & Karl Korff. Bill spent a lot of time drawing since childhood. At age 13, he began oil painting lessons until 18. He continued with drawing classes at the University of Iowa. His mother, Dottie, influenced  him with all the crafts that she enjoyed, especially stained glass. In May of 1988, Bill's parents helped him open a stained glass studio, named, Shagbark, after his parents" acreage in Blairstown, IA. Eventually, Bill moved the business to the Chicago area in 2000. Bill now enjoys working in Waukesha, WI where he is surrounded by the peacefulness of nature, yet enjoys the opportunities of nearby Milwaukee and north suburbs of Chicago. Bill works with homeowners, business owners and religious groups to create custom made architectural glass art.


Shagbark Art Glass Services

Bringing your vision to life

Bill Griffith specializes in the designing and creating of architectural art glass. With more than a quarter century of listening to and observing the needs and wishes of his clients, Bill has created hundreds of glass art environments, each, specific to the clients, personality and sensitivity to the existing architecture.  Bill will meet you or interact with you virtually to help you reach your vision.

His specialties are classical leaded glass,  fused glass, stained glass and Tiffany style art glass.  Thank-you for looking at this website. Scroll down to see many examples of Bill's work to help inspire you.


Shagbark Hickory Tree

4-Mom & Karl drawing page.jpg

Another view of the window prior to installation.

Barn hometead actual house.jpg
Barn homestead tree detail.jpg
Barn hometead house detail.jpg
Barn homestead clouds.jpg
60-karahalios dining room page.jpg

Traditional designing incorporates clear, colorless glass, sometimes with beveled motifs. Glass pieces are constructed with lead came, the oldest technique still used today to compose separate pieces of glass. Different types of glass may be used allowing a clear elegant view, heavily textured or opalescent glass to lend a sense of privacy. Great for entryways, dining rooms, cabinetry, office doors and bathroom windows.


Tiffany style refers to the technique of selective cutting opalescent (opaque) glass, then wrapping each piece with copper tape. All of the seams are soldered, thus joining the glass together. The technique lends itself to organic designs and lampshades. The photo to the left is a detail of a set of doors made in the Tiffany style by Shagbark Art Glass. The opalescent glass is generally not painted because the colors in the glass are part of the chemical/mineral composition of the glass.The colors are vibrant and look great with or without light. It is ideal in settings where privacy is a concern.

witt half view.jpg

Fused glass is the art of combining pieces of compatible glass and powders, composing them, and firing in the kiln, melting them together. Glass fusing actually began centuries ago, but more recently the movement started up in the late 1960's. the fused glass elements add a more modern look to a leaded glass window. Fused glass or kiln-formed glass may also be created as stand-up or wall hung pieces with no lead work at all.

mom portrait.jpg

Stained glass literally means painting the glass with a brush mixed with powders and/or enamels that are suspended in liquid. The glass is then placed into a kiln, usually with multiple firings, which makes the paint become one with the glass. To the left is a portrait Bill painted of his mother, Dottie, on glass. Many of the traditional churches incorporate stained glass to tell visual stories. A  high level of detail can be used in a 'stained glass' window without 'cluttering' the design with so many lead lines. Ask Bill, at Shagbark Art Glass how he can help you with his glass painting skills.

St. Mark's restoration1.jpg

Naturally, leaded glass will need attention after years of exposure to deterioration and damage. Shagbark does small scale restorations on specific projects. Please inquire if your art glass needs help. 



Great Places For Art Glass

Click a button below to find a location for art glass or just browse down the gallery.

Architectural art glass added to your environment has many benefits. One of the strongest, is adding architectural flavor to your home, office, public building or place of worship. It can be utilized to enhance a view, create sparkle, add privacy, or filter strong sunlight, as well as adding security from would be intruder

Other great places for stained, leaded, fused or glass include:

  • Entryways, sidelights and transoms

  • Kitchen and bar room cabinetry

  • Bathroom windows 

  • Partitions to divide a room

  • Office doors with business name

  • Restaurant wall art and lampshades

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Please contact Bill Griffith for more information on how he can help you achieve a one-of-a-kind glass creation for your environment.

By appointment only.

Call: 262-3991139

email: shagbarkartglass@aol.com

Different Styles 

Click the buttons below to see various styles of glass created at Shagbark Art Glass or just browse down the gallery.

What's Your Style?

Here are a few different examples of glasswork designed specifically to each client's architecture and personality. 

Art Nouveau/Nature
Art Nouveau Windows

A pair of distinct Art Nouveau Windows created for a home in Libertyville, IL

Wisteria lampshade detail

18" Tiffany Reproduction Lampshade----Autumn Theme. Naperville, IL.

Cranberry wisteria.jpg

18" Tiffany Reproduction Lampshade----Cranberry Color Theme. Cedar Rapids, IA.

stiles doors.jpg
A Man Contemplates

A Man Contemplates-- Created for a family to memorialize the Father in the family that passed away. Libertyville, IL

Tryptich Dining Room Doors---Iowa City, IA.

Pauga dome.jpg

Detail of Bay windows as seen at top of page.

 6ft. x 9ft. Floral Ceiling Dome---Lauderdale Lake, WI.

Geese In The Pond

Family of Geese Entryway---Image was drawn from photos that were taken from the entryway. Cedar Rapids, IA.

Glass Wreath

 Clear/Grey Glass Wreath--- with several hundred pieces of jewels, chunks and kiln-formed glass. North Barringtin, IL.

Echo and Narcissus
Echo----small version dichroic glass

Echo and Narcissus----Top- Two windows depicting the Greek mythological story. Echo fades into the trees. Narcissus becomes a flower.  Cedar Rapids, IA.

Bottom-smaller version of Echo, using dichroic glass.  Autonomous panel. Click the link to read the story of Echo and Narcissus.

Waterfall church detail drawing.jpg

Drawing detail for stained glass proposal..

Waterfall church detail.jpg

Details of finished stained glass window for a church, using the copper-foil method. 

Art Nouveau Lady Bath Window
Art Nouveau Lady Moldmaking.jpg

Art Nouveau Lady--- Bathroom window 48" x 24" Husband and Wife requested an Alphonse Mucha Style window which, the wife provided the pose. The window panel was created using kiln-formed glass. Molds were made to shape the glass for the figure. The glass was draped over the molds and heated which gives the figure a 3-D effect. The dark lines you see are lead lines created with both copper-foil and lead came. Bartlett, IL.

Fox Hunt
Bill's first commission piece

Bill's First Commission        Window 1988

Top--- Client poses for Art Nouveau Lady window.

Bottom---Molds made, ready for the glass to be draped over and heated in the kiln.

desk lamps.jpg
barbed wire.jpg
Cowboy Detail

Client poses next to leaded glass panel in his

horse stable. The window depicts the client's Grandfather with his horse. Solon, IA

Cowboys lassoing left.jpg
Cowboys lassoing right.jpg

Cowboys Lassoing---These are bar room cabinet doors installed in a ranch home near Albia, IA.

On this ranch the hired hand are actually old fashioned cowboys. The cattle are free to roam the huge pasture, and when it is time to give them their shots, they are rounded up and lassoed.

It was the invention of the barbed wire fence that ended the cowboy era in the 1860's.

Grandpa Was a Cowboy
Southwest Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinetry Southwest Theme---With details of lizards and pottery' mimicked from client's collection as you see. Solon, IA. 

Southwest Cabinets detail
Southwest Cabinet detail
Southwest trees parade home 1 window.jpg
Southwest trees parade home 3 windows.jp
Southwest trees parade home.jpg

Above you see windows in southwest trees theme in a prairie style home. 17 leaded glass windows were made for this parade home.

Cedar Rapids, IA.

Autonomous Copper came Prairie
Kennedy library.jpg

Autonomous Prairie--- fabricated with classic copper came and brass perimeter. Waukesha, WI.

White Egret

White Egret---by Dottie Korff. Blairstown, IA.

65-rooster page.jpg

Good Morning!    


James Kennedy Public Library Dyersville, IA---Main Entryway. Leaded Glass Sidelights and Transom. Doors were sandblasted. The transom was flipped around with photoshop to make a better photograph. 

Kennedy Library light fixture.jpg

Ceiling Light Fixture---In the entryway next to the doors that you see above in the James Kennedy Public Library. Dyersville, IA.

Mom,s FLW lampshade.jpg

FLW Style Lampshade---Originally designed and fabricated by Dottie Korff of the shagbark studio.

Frank LLoyd Wright Entryway

Frank Lloyd Wright Reminiscent--- Marion, IA.


Frank Lloyd Wright Reminiscent---Primary/Secondary colors with clear textures. Iowa City, IA.

Contemporary Prairie Doors

Prairie Doors With Circles---Designed by Akar  Architecture. Iowa City, IA.

kawalek windows 031.jpg
FedEx Scan 2021-04-29_09-54-29.jpg

FLW style in shelving unit. Iowa City, IA.

Clear contemporary prairie.jpg
Acorns prairie window.jpg

Prairie/ Organic Windows in Living Room---Wilmette, 

Acorns in Geometry

Acorns Autonomous Stand-up Piece---                                   Winnetka, IL

prairie organic.jpg

Two versions of prairie style leaded glass one has clear textures, the other mostly opalescent glass.


This window is near the window you see above it in a home in Iowa City.

contemporary prairie page3.jpg

Triptych Prairie Organic Windows---before installation.

colored pencils.jpg
Colorful Sidelights and Transom
Arts & Crafts

Entryway in New Arts & Crafts Home---This family wanted a lot of color and privacy in their entryway.

House design.jpg

Double House

This is a very common leaded glass configuration known as a "Double House Design". Many homes in England of the late 1880's, and eventually in the states, would incorporate a leaded glass window like this above the entryway.

Shutter doors.jpg
Diamond Bevels with Waterglass

This family in Wilmette, IL wanted as much light in the entryway as possible, while still maintaining privacy.

horizontal arts & crafts.jpg

Glen Ellyn, IL

Shutter doors with antique glass in a home in Glen Ellyn, IL.

arts & crafts page2.jpg

3 autonomous leaded glass panels hung by hooks above this fireplace in Cedar Rapids, IA.

arts & crafts page3.jpg

Library room in residence. Wilmette, IL

arts & crafts with circles.jpg
arts & crafts green window.jpg

Look at all those fun textures!

      Stairway Landing---Iowa City, IA


Bar Room Wall Panel---72" x 36" Hinsdale, IL.

Celtic window.jpg
Claddagh Irish symbol.jpg
Heraldry shield.jpg


31celtic page.jpg
O'Brien Tudor bar window.jpg

Segments of leaded glass windows with Celtic knots

Irish Claddagh---Installed in a front door in Cedar Rapids, IA. The Claddagh ring represents love {heart}, Loyalty {crown} and friendship {hands}.

celtic autonomous.jpg
Noce Stairway.jpg

Shagbark Art Glass created over 50 leaded glass panels in this upscale home in Marion, IA. The client was very satisfied with the craftsmanship and service.

noce mirror1.jpg

Beveled Mirror with Gold-Leaf Insignia---This mirror was created for the same residence as you see above. Bill Griffith is very attentive to the architecture which will embrace his work. The beveled mirror pieces were bonded onto wood. The letter 'N' is the client's last name initial. The mirror was sandblasted from the back with the letter painted black. Gold-leaf was applied to the front. The frame was made in collaboration with a local woodworker.

Arched Diamond Bevels Vertical Transom.j
Diamond Bevels in Doors
Tudor window colorful.jpg
victorian ladies background image.jpg
victorian bevel with brass.jpg

Classic Beveled Bathroom Window---Fabricated with brass came, installed on a crank-out sash so that the window may still be opened. Lake Forest, IL.

Regina Corona Cabinet.jpg
Regina Corona Curved Glass Panel.jpg

Regina Corona Disc Music Player---This is a curved leaded glass piece made for this restored antique music player. The Regina Corona company started in the late 1880's. This was the first form of entertainment in the home. Shagbark Art Glass has created several of these glass panels over the years. Bannockburn, IL.

autonomous victorian.jpg
victorian beveled autonomous1.jpg

Residential Library Window---Burr Ridge, IL.

Van fleet cloet window.jpg

Closet Leaded Glass window---Springfield, IL.

Victorian Sidelight
Small Transom
Bevel with clear window.jpg
beveled clear window.jpg
Large French Beveled Door Panel.jpg
1920's art deco car.jpg
Victorian dining room.jpg
Art Deco
art deco sidelight
art deco dbl.jpg
art deco1.jpg
black bevels art deco.jpg
victorian beveled autonomous.jpg
Noce gameroom.jpg

Game Room leaded glass. A very unique architecture.

Purple art deco Stiles.jpg
art deco green.jpg

Garage leaded glass. Same configuration in the game room of this same residence

black & red art deco.jpg
Brown art deco.jpg
Sea water bubbles background.jpg
Akar Fish bath window.jpg
Akar 6 kitchen windows.jpg

Fish Bath window and Fish entryway---along with these six kitchen windows were created in collaboration with Akar Architecture. Iowa City, IA.

best of show page.jpg
Vertical transom Window
contemporary autonmous.jpg
172-eagle transom page.jpg
Surreal asian lady bath window.jpg
asian lady black background.jpg

Lady in the Water---with fused glass detail. Bathroom Window.

Aurora lights

Northern Lights

Row away From The rocks---Colorado Rafti

Row Away From The Rocks---Colorado white water rafting. Cedar Rapids, IA.

Honey Windows Left.jpg
Honey Windows Right.jpg
honey close-up2.jpg

Entire Family Room Surrounded by Glass Art---The honey comb was the basis for this organic inspired design. The various birds are particular favorites of each member of the family.

Surreal tree cityscape.jpg

Surreal Tree and Landscape---4ft. x 4ft. backlit living room.

Pauga ceiling configuration.jpg

Glass Boxes hung near ceiling---Created with glass junks, jewels and kiln-formed glass shapes. Lauderdale Lake, WI.

surreal kitchen.jpg

Surreal kitchen windows

Clear glass box .jpg
pauga ceiling box 1.jpg
pauga ceiling boxes.jpg
baroque standing piece.jpg
mom,s baroque lamp.jpg
157-contemp standing piece page.jpg
Bill in the studio 2000 background.jpg

Fused White Egret---with copper came. Waterford, WI.

david gilmour fused.jpg
Fused fox face.jpg
pheasant fused.jpg
fused turkey.jpg
fish fused glass.jpg

Breakfast Nook Fused glass Animals---This breakfast nook in a modern log home near Delhi, Iowa contains animals for a family that loves nature. These panels are fully fused, the largest 3 are14" x 62". The dragonfly panel you see was ordered later by new owners for a different location in the home.

fused robin.jpg
fused fish closeup.jpg
Breakfast nook fused panels.jpg

You can see a different kind of poetry going on here with the fused glass in these nature scenes. Layers of sheet glass, powders and strings of glass are layered. The glass is fired to around 1450 degrees a couple of times, still allowing for a textural surface.

fused dragonfly detail.jpg
86-elephants meditation room detail.jpg
Elephants meditation room.jpg

Fused glass elements are incorporated into a leaded glass panel, seen here in a meditation room. The client wanted elephants and sunflowers in her windows. Glencoe, IL.

apple blossoms detail.jpg

Apple Blossoms---The delicate detail was achieved by adding pieces of fused glass to the leaded design. Northbrook, IL:.

Orchids bath window.jpg
apple blossoms.jpg
fused leaded flowers.jpg

Bathroom interior window panel---This family loved orchids. Fusing the glass was the answer for soft flowers.

fused flag fab #2.jpg
fused flag fabrication #1.jpg
maupin flag.jpg

"American Flag In an Iowa Corn Field"---is what the client requested. Photos show process of slumping the glass by heating it in the kiln. the shaped glass pieces, are then, constructed with lead came. Solon, IA.

American flag background.jpg
Army tank treasure box.jpg
fused eagle .jpg

Fused Glass army Tank Treasure Box---After fusing pieces of glass with decorative elements, the pieces of glass were assembled with copper-foil. Other copper elements are soldered in as well. Libertyville, IL.

Bald Eagle---Fused glass eagle with copper-foiled border. Bristol, WI.

fused Alex panel.jpg
flag mini.jpg
fused mountain.jpg

Fused glass 3-D wall piece, copper-foil fabrication. Cedar Rapids, IA.

ballet scupture on white.jpg

Ballerina cast glass---with mortar. Waukesha, WI.

Nude in moonlight.jpg

Nude in Moonlight---This is not fused glass...copper-foiled with sandblasted elements.

Kostidas bath.jpg

Bathroom tub windows---Fused glass nude figure in water. Bath tub windows. Palatine, IL.

rose clipped.jpg

3-D  kiln-formed glass Rose wrapped in glass. approx. length 22".

scorpion lawless.jpg

Scorpion Cast glass--- Stand-up award piece.

earth movement.jpg

Earth Movement---Transom window with fused glass and copper-foil.

xavier high school detail 2.jpg
moses front side.jpg

Moses [front side]


Moses [back side}

Xavier High School Chapel section---Various types of glass were fused together in this chapel you will see more of in the section---Religious. Cedar Rapids, IA.

stevie wonder.jpg

Stevie Wonder---This was the first glass panel Bill created with fused glass elements, copper-foil and lead came. 1989.


Africa---Even the smallest fused elements make a difference in this copper foiled Africa map.

Art Glass will enhance your home, office or place of worship. The following are more examples of Shagbark Art Glasses creations for hundreds of clients. As you see, leaded, stained and fused glass can be found in many locations. Entryways, transoms, kitchen cabinetry and bathrooms, not to mention your place of worship or signage and brand images for your business. Shagbark's goal is to create a glass environment that you will be pleased with for many years to come. The craftsmanship is also built for sustainability. The techniques used at Shagbark are old world, yet include  newer technologies. What area of your environment can you picture some art glass?


Be sure to look in "What's your style?" above for more examples of great locations.

Great places for art glass
Classical Beveled with Antique Glass
Unique Shaped Entryway
Clear Leaded Glass Entryway Doors
Classic French Style Beveled Glass Offic
Arched Sidelights
Diamond Doors
Lake Forest Oval Door
Priarie Parde home.jpg
Large French Beveled Door Panel.jpg
Geometric Door Panel

Parade home----Cedar Rapids, IA.

21-prairie entryway.jpg
Geometric with Circle Door and Sidelight
Clear Leaded Glass Contemporary
Contemporary Clear Leaded Glass Sideligh
Modern Geometric Entryway
contemporay entryway dramatic lighting.j
abstract organic.jpg

Chalet style home near North liberty, IA. Glass panels are installed into Pella doors.

Modern Geometric Sidelight and Transom
Arts & Crafts Entryway
contemporary entryway
Fused_Leaded Glass Door and Sidelights

Fused glass with lead came----reflected and transmitted light.

Pikes Peak Colorado Door and Sidelight

Inspired by Pikes Peak, Colorado.

Cocoa Beach Doors

"Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me?"

121-sports page.jpg

"Nope, Just You"

Sidelight detail
Victorian Sidelight
French Beveled Sidelight
Contemporary Blue & Bevels sidelight
Clear sidelight.jpg
Blue Transom
Art Nouveau Transom
Blue sidelights
Abstract Arched transom and Sidelights
Blue victorian sidelight
Bouquet of Flowers Arched Window
Beveled Clear Glass Transom
Clear/Grey Transom
Celtic Transoms
Small Transom
Arched Beveled Transom
Cole Transom Traditional
Organic Geometric Transoms
victorian bevel 6 with arc.jpg
Fine Cabinetry
Organic Geometric Transom 1
brass cabinet detail
Kitchen Island Cabinet
K Cabinet Doors
Simple cabinet door
Simple Cabinet doors
Glass Cabinet doors
French Style Beveled Cabinets
Floral Cabinet Doors
Beveled Kitchen cabinets
Floral Border Cabinet Doors
Grapes Cabinet Doors
Beveled Cabinets
Rose Cabinet Doors.jpg
arched cabinet door.jpg
Khayat bathh cabinets.jpg
southwest kitchen cabinets.jpg
Brass Came Cabinets
Brass Came detail
Brass Came Squares

Brass came cabinetry.

3 Brass Cabinets
Brass Came With Oval
66-kitchen window birds page.jpg
Khyayat kitchen.jpg
Donna 's Bath.jpg
Vinnie's bath.jpg
96-karahalios dbl bath windows.jpg
bath ceiling flowers installed.jpg
bath ceiling flowers.jpg

Bath Ceiling---panel suspended above bath tub. Cedar Rapids, IA.

94-two bath windows.jpg
Bath window gluechip.jpg
Polen bath tudor windows.jpg
van fleet detail.jpg
kucienski bath.jpg
Bath window intricate bevels.jpg
Beveled bath window.jpg
van fleet toilet window.jpg
van fleet hot tub.jpg

Photo taken prior to installing center window.  Hot tub. Springfield, IL

Kucienski bath straight-on view.jpg

Dichroic Glass Bath Window--- 4ft. x 4ft. Lincolnshire, IL.

hawaiin flower.jpg
Karahalios bath victorian.jpg
ducks bath windows.jpg
lilly pads bath windows.jpg
gigi center window.jpg

Glen Ellyn, IL.

Living Room
Pentagon Transom Nature Scene.jpg
Living room upper floral.jpg
landscape living room window.jpg
Whymsical flowers.jpg
pauga bar detail.jpg
paugs bar full panel.jpg
Wine cellar grapes.jpg

Bar room transom panel. Beveled glass clusters with stained glass {painted} center. North Barrington, IL.

Wine cellar detail

Wine cellar.jpg

Wine Cellar---Lake Forest, IL.

Bar page.jpg

I'Polena's butcher shop--Cedar Rapids, IA.m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Pool table lampshade made for a home in Lake Forest, IL.

Light box made for a home bar in Iowa City, IA.

shagbark logo sign.jpg

Shagbark logo stained glass sign, transmitted light, with dichroic glass.